About us

Dolce Confort is a company with 100% Spanish capital, with its own production “Made in Spain” established in Yecla-Murcia.
At Dolce Confort we think about people. We want to take care of them and be part of their day to day lives, part of their nights as well.

The a person’s rest fuels us; we innovate for your rest, we work, we surpass ourselves and we commit ourselves. We want our customers to rely on us.

Dolce Confort is a brand that is close and committed to its employees, customers and suppliers. Focused on people’s well-being and rest.

These are the values by which Dolce Confort is guided as if it were a lighthouse and thus face the challenges and the future of the people who comprise us and their environment: employees, customers, suppliers, competition, etc.

  • Commitment
  • Pride of belonging
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility

These values remind us how we should act in each moment.