WHAT DO WE DO? At DOLCE CONFORT we are specialists in your rest.

That’s why we can tell you, without any embarrassment, that “we make you rest”. Or that “we make your rest deeper”. All because we know and understand the importance of rest. No one is unaware that, in order to be at 100% in the morning. In order to be able to give everything during the day, you need to rest properly.

And that is where DOLCE CONFORT comes in

We have been manufacturing mattresses, toppers, pillows and articulated beds, among other products, for more than 20 years.

More than two decades specialising in providing our customers with rest is not just a few years, but a lot of experience. By now we know what you like and how you like it. We know the level of demand of our customers, which is precisely what, together with our commitment to quality and professionalism, has made you trust us and made us a reference in Spain for quality, raw materials and better results.

DOLCE CONFORT specialisations:

DOLCE CONFORT is committed to research and technology so that your rest is perfect

We have always been committed to adapting to our customers’ needs. Then we understood that scenarios are changing and that it was no longer enough to adapt, we had to learn to anticipate your needs. And we succeeded.

More than 20 years in this sector has given us confidence in our brand and in our product, and has taught us not to be overconfident. That is why we are committed to innovation and research: to lead the changes and stay at the forefront of a sector as important as ours: the sector of “make your customers trust you with their rest and wake up rested and smiling every morning”.


At DOLCE CONFORT we work so that you can rest